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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to take precautions for Malaria?

A: Malawi is a high-risk Malaria area. All precautions should be taken when travelling or staying in Malawi.

  • Take a recognized anti-malarial prophylactic, as recommended, or at least before entering a Malaria area, continue for at least 3 weeks after leaving the area.
  • If possible, always sleep under a mosquito net.
  • Dress accordingly from Sunset onwards, Long Pants & Long sleeves
  • Use Insect Repellant

Malaria has a gestation of about 10 days within this time, you have the classic symptoms (Headaches, sore muscles ... ensure that you have a Malaria test immediately. These are all freely available in most areas of Malawi. Remember that doctors in Malawi are qualified to treat Malaria.

Q: Which documents do I need to enter Malawi?

A: Valid passport with at least six months to expiry from intended exit date; if your passport is likely to expire get a new one before arriving. Visas are required by all

Q: What kind of Climate does Malawi have?

A: Malawi has Sub-tropical climate, with the rainy season between November to March and the winter season between June to August.

Q: Do you offer tour advice to guests on places to visit?

A: Arrangements are made on request were to go and visit, there are many National Parks and Wildlife Reserves. In the north there is Nyika plateau and the Vwaza Reserve. These complement each other, one a highland, the other a lowland marsh area.The central region has two vast game areas; Kasungu National Park in the west and Nkhotakota Reserve in the east, near the lake. To the south, the best known National Park is Liwonde, along the Shire river, but there are also three game areas further south in the shire lowlands; Lengwe National Park and wildlife reserves of Majete and Mwabvi, near the southern end of Lake Malawi National Park the world's first freshwater National Park and a world Heritage site at Cape Maclear.


Q: Does the country have a good road network and reliable transportation?

 A: Malawi has a good road network totaling over 1200Km. The main M1 highway extends from north to south from north of Mzuzu to south of Blantyre towards the Mozambique boarder is a two-lane tarred road as is the very scenic lakeshore road running between Nkhata Bay and Salima. While many rural roads are untarred, that does provide vehicle access especially during dry season. During rainy season four wheel drive vehicles are recommended for many roads. Driving is on the left side of the road. Public transport; bus services are available throughout the country and taxis can be found in the main urban centers.

Q: Is there communication service?

A: Malawi offers fixed Telephone through Malawi Telecom Limited and there are four cellular (mobile) phone services; numerous internet cafes are found, thoughout the major towns and cities. GPRS (packet switching) communication services are provided by cellular phone operators. There are WI-FI spots at airports, hotels, some resorts and other areas popular with visitors.

Q: How is the Political Sitiation?

A: Politically Malawi is a very peaceful country, where has never been any political violence since its independence

Q: Do you have nearby  exchange bureau?

A: There are some more places that offer exchange beraues within the sorrounding areas, you will find some along Shoprite Complex and Nico Center this are walking distances from the lodge, further from here you will find are near shopping complex.

Q: Is it safe to walk during odd hours?

A: We do not encourage guests to walk during odd hours, this is for safety reasons around the neighbor hood when it very quiet. We would recomend to take a vehical when going out.

Other Information

■ Safe box in the room

Each room is equiped with a safe box for storing your valuables.

■ Foreign Exchange

The Lodge uses special exchange rate when we are finalizing the guest bill.

■ Telephone and Fax service

You will be able to make International and local calls including fax services. If you have a moble phone you will have access to airtime within the premises.

■ Laundry service

Laundry services are available; same day service all bills paid at the reception.

■ Full wireless Internet connection

WI FI wireless internet is free, if you have a laptop get access code at reception;  or use our computers in our business centre.


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