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Local Facilities

■ Golf Course

There is an 18 hole par 72 hole golf course within 200 meters of the lodge. We have corporate membership at Lilongwe Golf Club; if  you are a golfing enthusiast you can get a voucher at our reception.

■ Shopping

Enjoy a great experience in the towns shopping mall and markets, there is a big shopping complex just a few meters from the lodge  where you can find Shoprite one of the biggest shopping markets  with various restaurants. And just across the road is another large shopping complex where you will find Game Stores, Edgar's and Peoples. Other areas further away from there are Old Town Mall and Crossroads Shopping complex,  where you will find restaurants and shops like Mr. Price.  

■ Post Office

There is a Post Office nearby which is within a walking distance from our premises,  there you will have access to all post services and the Internet.

Curio Shop

Just a short distance drive is the Old Town Mall there you will find  the arts and craft galleries within the Mall. A little further out of  town, will take you to City Centre there you will find Four Seasons Garden where you will find more African Curio Shops. 

■ Banking

There are a wide range of banks just a few minutes drive from the lodge, banks ranging from INDE Bank, NBS Bank, National Bank, MSB Bank and Standard Bank.

■ Airport Shuttle

Airport pickup and drop off. Your friendly collection team with our magnificent bus. The charges are as follows:  US$40 incl. vat . Price per extra passenger US$7 incl. vat

■ Night life / Bars

There are so many places to go out, relax and have fun with friends whether it is Clubs or Casinos you will find it all here, within the surrounding areas like Harry's Bar, Diplomats, Chameleon Bar, Chez Ntemba, Starlight and American Pirates Casino.

■ Local market & Curios Vendors

The local market is just a walking distance from the lodge, were you will be able to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. and a few meters from there you will find a wide variety of glamorous African curved curios and friendly curio vendors waiting to assist you.

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